fireTMS Driver is a mobile task manager for the logistics industry. We developed this application for fireTMS to improve communication between drivers and dispatchers.

fireTMS Driver
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Employees of transportation companies use smartphones or tablets in their daily communication. It created the need for an app to bring the most essential functions of the fireTMS platform into the mobile sphere. That is why we created an Android mobile application from scratch to make it happen.


The application designed to communicate with drivers required designing the functional chat concept. Our team worked on features such as the ability to mute the chat, add new users to a shared chat, and an advanced system of alerts and notifications. Another challenge was to design maps that would include the key routes for dispatchers. Our goal was to recreate communication points that will overlap 1:1 in the mobile app.

fireTMS Driver


The fireTMS Driver application makes it easier for transport companies to control orders. It also allows quick exchange of information with drivers, ongoing monitoring of transport, and sending documents to accounting departments.




Multimodular Architecture

Room Database



With fireTMS Driver, you can monitor transportation in real-time, quickly prepare an invoice after cargo delivery, and effectively manage your fleet. The main features of fireTMS Driver application include: Navigation - the app allows you to navigate the route of an order from the starting point or from the nearest loading point. Navigation on the smartphone also has the option to download voice commands in different languages. Offline Maps - the driver can use offline road maps to navigate the route between loading and unloading points. This is a great convenience, as Internet access is only needed to download the maps and recalculate the route. What’s more, maps for truck drivers are continuously updated. Driver monitoring - thanks to the function of sending statuses from the route, the driver can report the ongoing situation in real-time. All he has to do is select the current item from a list of statuses, such as customs inspection, refueling, or taking rest, and then send it to fireTMS. The information will immediately appear in the system, allowing the shipper to monitor the location of the driver and the order. Chat with the dispatcher - the application enables a driver to send messages in the form of attachments, including photos, videos, and files in any format. This allows fast information exchange with the dispatcher during transport. Moreover, all documentation is assigned to a specific order within the system.

fireTMS Driver

Cooperation with resulted in great results. Thanks to the high-level organization of the team, the implementation of the project went extremely smoothly. The ingenuity and positive attitude of the team made the work proceed in the spirit of innovation and a good atmosphere.

Marcin Stano, Product Owner, fireTMS

fireTMS Driver

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