Veterinaro is an innovative software for veterinary clinics. Its main goal is to enable effective management of client data, appointments, and medical documentation. Thanks to a well-organized process and intuitive handling, the product significantly improves the comfort of daily work for veterinary doctors and support staff.

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Business need

One of the key elements in launching the Veterinaro software into the market was the need for a website refresh. The client was keen on implementing a new logic for information placement on the page, which would be designed based on UX principles.

It was also essential to align the website's graphic design so that it was consistent with the appearance of the application and marketing materials.

The team was tasked with improving the website's speed and the process of editing data on the page.


The website was developed using the Next.js platform, which provided the ability to generate static pages, thereby reducing the client's costs due to lower server load, and shortening its response time. As a result, people browsing the site instantly receive the selected content.

To enable content editing on the website while maintaining ease of use, we decided to use the WordPress system. It is a popular and intuitive solution for users, while also allowing independent content management. The client can freely change content, photos, and take care of the website's SEO.

Additionally, we provided support for all existing functionalities related to the client's admin panel, such as the Newsletter. As a result, the entire site was refreshed, and all key functionalities work correctly.

In response to the client's requirements, we improved the website's informational functions. We focused on highlighting the account creation panel and introducing clear graphics that are fully compatible with the content presented on the site. It was also crucial to add redirects to the product's YouTube channel and emphasize the importance of helpdesk support and offered training.






React Native

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS






By using modern technologies, the website operates smoothly, is responsive, and is also consistent with the Veterinaro software design. As expected, the client can independently manage content using the convenient WordPress panel.

The new Veterinaro site was created with users in mind. We designed the menu to be clear, focused on the product's capabilities, and the benefits of its implementation for veterinary clinics. Now, those using the website can easily find not only information about the software's advantages but also reviews from other users, details about support and system updates, or information about cloud operation.

We approached for a project to create a new version of our website for Veterinaro software. We were looking for both a refresh and a functional reorganization of information on the site. The order was completed in accordance with our expectations. A big plus was the improvement in the speed of the website and the data editing process. 

Małgorzata Błaszczyk, IT Project Manager

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