project, a company specializing in innovative digital solutions, has undertaken the challenge of creating the Book Room application - an advanced tool for managing reservations and meetings, which integrates with Google Calendar and offers a range of personalized features.

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Business Need:

In response to the growing demand for efficient management of business space, has developed the revolutionary Book Room application. This innovative project is not just a tool for organizing meetings and booking rooms, but also acts as a personal assistant, enabling the discovery and reservation of ideal spaces for meetings, training sessions, or conferences.

Book Room stands out in the market due to its ability to fully personalize and adapt to the individual needs of each business. Regardless of the size of the enterprise or the nature of the meeting, this application offers an intuitive and user-friendly solution that significantly simplifies the reservation management process. By introducing this innovative application to the market, has set a new standard in efficiency and personalization in business space management, demonstrating its commitment to delivering solutions that truly meet contemporary business challenges.


The central element of the application is its integration with Google Calendar, which allows users to seamlessly synchronize reservation dates with their personal calendars. This functionality eliminates the risk of missing important meetings and greatly facilitates planning.

Additionally, the availability of rooms in real time provides complete control and convenience in organizing meetings, allowing users to make reservations quickly and directly from a tablet, which is particularly important in the fast pace of modern business.

The advanced features of Book Room include the ability to organize ad hoc meetings, ensuring faster availability of rooms. This function allows for effective time management, which is crucial in a dynamic work environment. Synchronizing spaces with the Google Calendars of all employees in real time further enhances the efficiency of workspace management, minimizing booking conflicts. This application is universal and scalable, perfectly suited to the needs of both small businesses and large corporations.

A key element of the application is the intuitive and easy-to-use admin panel, which allows for full customization and adaptation to the individual needs of the company. In the admin panel, moderators can be easily added, different permission groups granted, control over the number of rooms and users maintained, and even customize the view by adding the company's own logo. Thanks to its intuitive operation and pleasant interface, Book Room significantly reduces the need for technical knowledge, making meeting management more efficient and less labor-intensive. All these features make the "Book Room" application created by not only a tool for managing meetings but also a key factor in improving organizational efficiency and user satisfaction.




React Native



Google Calendar API


By implementing Book Room in practice, has achieved a revolutionary way of managing office space, thereby minimizing reservation conflicts and increasing the overall efficiency of meetings. Due to its universality, the application can serve a variety of organizations, providing them with a tool that is flexible and scalable, adapting to the needs of both small businesses and large corporations.

Clients, who have decided to implement Book Room report: - Significant improvements in managing time and space - Increased efficiency, evident in faster meeting planning - Better utilization of available rooms - Reduction of downtime caused by reservation conflicts

However, it's not just the measurable efficiency outcomes that impress users. The application has received numerous positive reviews from users, who primarily praise the ease of use and functionality of Book Room. These testimonials underscore how important it is to deliver solutions that are intuitive to use while being powerful in action.

As a result, Book Room becomes not just a tool for managing meetings, but a significant factor in improving organizational efficiency. It demonstrates how's innovative approach to designing and implementing digital solutions contributes to the growth of businesses across various sectors, offering them value that goes beyond basic reservation management.

In this light, Book Room not only meets contemporary business challenges but also sets new standards in efficient business space management, becoming a key element in the arsenal of business tools for modern organizations.

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