Perst is an advanced application in its MVP (Minimal Viable Product) version, serving as a scalable desktop tool for managing measurements from electronic scales. Not only does it allow for precise weight readings directly from the computer, but it also offers the functionality to generate detailed reports. It facilitates the integration and analysis of collected measurement data.

Furthermore, the application has been equipped with tools, that enable the recording of information about clients, items, and devices, making it a comprehensive solution for customers requiring precise and advanced functions related to weight measurements.

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Business need

The software is being crafted for P.R.S Torfbud (Perst) clientele, primarily plant owners and those operating scales. Up until now, the company has retailed electronic scales paired with third-party software, a strategy they are keen to shift away from. P.R.S Torfbud's goal is to introduce a self-sufficient, custom solution that more accurately meets their customers' requirements.

In the basic version of the app, emphasis is placed on the support for truck scales and scales that send measurements upon request. This is a crucial feature, that needs to be delivered initially.

Furthermore, P.R.S Torfbud has ambitious, long-term plans regarding the development of the application, which demands, that the tool be scalable. Understanding this need is vital for designing its architecture and choosing the technology.

A crucial stipulation for the application is to feature an offline local database, guaranteeing data protection and privacy without reliance on an internet connection.

Another significant feature is the ability to assign measurements to specific users, enabling precise monitoring and management of user activities. The application will also incorporate varied permissions, allowing a distinction between administrator and regular user roles, ensuring an access hierarchy and control over actions performed within the system.


The Perst tool was designed for communication with scales, especially optimized for the Windows system. Utilizing the TAURI technology, it provides cross-platform support, meaning it can be implemented on Windows, Linux, and macOS alike. A pivotal feature of the application is its source code written in JavaScript, using the Next.js framework. This allowed it to be compiled into a native installer for Windows.

One of the main challenges faced by the team was ensuring the application operates in offline mode, without the need for cloud-based databases. The solution was to create a backend based on the Express.js library and use the local SQLite database, which is a file-based database. The backend was compiled into an executable file with a .exe extension using a tool available on named pkg. This compiled backend was then included in the installer generated by TAURI, enabling the backend to automatically launch during the application's startup. A crucial component is the integration of our product with an external application, resulting in a comprehensive tool.

The app offers a wide range of functionalities, such as managing scales, taking measurements, managing a list of clients, and products. Depending on their permissions (administrator or operator), users have various capabilities within the system. Perst allows for continuous or on-demand data collection and for generating reports in CSV or PDF formats. The client also expressed a need to combine various measurement results to determine the difference between them; thus, we extended the tool with a net weight calculation feature.

For report and measurement personalization, the application includes a settings tab where users can modify company information, such as the logo, address, or identification details. All reports are saved locally on the user's computer, ensuring complete control over the stored data.










The investment in bespoke software brings financial benefits to P.R.S Torfbud by allowing them to forego licensing costly competing solutions.

Furthermore, the Perst application has been constructed with the specific needs of its clientele in mind, making it a tool precisely tailored to their requirements. It empowers users to create personalized reports and efficiently manage measurements from scales. It not only allows for data retrieval from devices, but also for initiating measurements by the scale itself.

A paramount feature of the application is its ability to function offline, eliminating the need for a constant internet connection - an aspect, that turned out to be a top priority for the client.

One of the foundational principles during the design phase was to create a scalable application. This grants the client flexibility in terms of future functionality expansion and adapting the software to the evolving market needs.

The application is also meticulously tailored to the scale models that P.R.S Torfbud carries in its product lineup. As a result, they can offer their customers comprehensive service, encompassing not just the sale of equipment but also optimally configured software. This distinguishes them from competitors and serves as an additional advantage in sales discussions.

Thanks to our collaboration with, we can move away from using competitors' software and offer our clientele a comprehensive product tailored to our measurement devices. The delivered MVP application meets our expectations - it operates offline, is scalable, and generates detailed reports.

Dawid Szopa, Owner, Perst

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